The Importance of Doing What Makes You Happy

If you’re a Millennial, have I got a job for you.

It’s probably not anything you imagined yourself doing. After all, when you ask most kids what they want to be when they grow up, the likely replies include policeman, fireman, teacher, doctor. If you’ve met a kid who said “insurance agent” or “risk management consultant,” I’d honestly love to meet them.

But here’s the reality, insurance is one of the business world’s best kept secrets. And that’s a shame, because there’s a lot to love in this job, especially if you’re just entering the workforce or looking for the ideal college major. In fact, US News and World Report ranked insurance agent as the third best sales and marketing job, noting in particular the above average flexibility afforded by an agency career.

According to a Benefits Pro article, “Millennials’ three top criteria for a great job are, in order of importance: good pay and benefits; opportunities for upward mobility; and challenging work.” At MJ, we offer all three in abundance. But we also offer so much more.

  • An open ear. We get that there are differences between the generations, but we see the diversity of opinions and approaches as a positive. If you want to be heard, we’re listening.
  • A range of responsibilities. It takes a lot to run one of the nation’s largest insurance agencies. We’ve got plenty of insurance-specific positions—employee benefits producer, risk management consultant—but we also need smart marketers, IT specialists, human resource experts, accountants and more. If you have a business expertise, chances are we’ve got a corresponding position in our agency.
  • An environment that supports the individual. While I invite you to read more about MJ’s Purpose (which we take very seriously), let me share the five key passions we strive to nurture in every employee:
  1. Personal Development. Perpetually strive to become the best version of yourself, both personally and professionally.
  2. Systems for Success. Commit to develop and follow best practices that are repeatable and efficient in order to achieve your desired results, both personally and professionally.
  3. Inspiring Leaders. With passion and commitment, place the interest of others ahead of your own by committing to daily behaviors that positively influence those around you.
  4. Exponential Effect. Engage with others in ways that will ignite their passion and inspire them to act and influence others in a similar fashion.
  5. Fun. Happiness is a choice. Bring your sense of humor and desire to have fun to work with you every day.
  • Good corporate citizenship. MJ believes it is important to support the community. Every two years, MJ Insurance chooses two charitable organizations—one in Indianapolis and one in Phoenix—where we focus the majority of our time and resources to maximize our impact, but our team also engages and gives back at other events, from Make-a-Wish to fundraising runs.

I should also add that there’s no better time to get in on a good thing. A lot of Baby Boomers who have enjoyed the benefits of an insurance career are considering retirement. So how about it? We’d love the chance to talk with you or someone you know about the opportunities found in our industry. Please share this blog or contact us today!