Benefits Consulting

At MJ Insurance, our comprehensive, forward-thinking approach to analytics is the foundation of our benefits consulting practice. We’ve made significant investments in experienced people and proprietary analytics programs so that our clients are always getting the most from their benefits strategy. We’re able to pinpoint claims drivers and proactively address them with our innovative approach to analytics. And we have extensive experience integrating and analyzing claims and biometric data.

Let us focus on the data—so you can focus on growing your business.


Data Integration & Warehousing

MJ Insurance uses a proprietary data analytics and warehousing system that helps us easily identity cost drivers. Since your healthcare costs are driven by claims experience, we’re able to collect data from multiple sources and consolidate it for meaningful analysis and reporting. We provide:

  • A secure and consolidate place for housing claims data
  • Integration of multiple data sources (i.e. medical, Rx, dental and workers’ comp claims, as well as clinical and biometric data)
  • Customized financial and clinical reporting

Insightful Analytics

Our comprehensive approach allows us to forecast future risks, which in turn lets us implement the appropriate mitigation strategies for your business. We do this by performing plan modeling and clinical risk analysis to help you forecast your claims in the future. And our health risk management team’s dedicated data analysis creates a budget aligned with your business objectives. We provide:

  • Detailed, multi-level claims analysis
  • Plan design modeling
  • Cost trending and forecasting
  • Employee contribution analysis
  • Onsite clinic analysis