Risk Management

Whether you’re a scrap metal dealer, smelter, die caster, metal manufacturer, or anywhere within the supply chain of the metals industry, the MJ metals group is uniquely qualified to help you manage your exposures to risk.

Our metals group is comprised of risk management professionals dedicated to the metals industry where we’ve become recognized as nationwide leaders among insurance and risk management consultants. We’re active members of industry trade associations like ISRI, NADCA, and IMA, which gives us insight to issues that are relevant to you.

With intimate knowledge of your business, we’ll make sure that you’re not only aware of your standard risks—such as typical hazard risks to property, plant, and equipment—but also those more complex risks. These can include the credit risks of the buyers of your product, business interruption due to the loss of a critical supplier, or even the risks associated with transit of your product into Mexico or other foreign countries. Furthermore, our deep knowledge of your supply chain allows us to not only understand your direct risk exposures, but also the contingent exposures you have due to the interdependence amongst members of the supply chain.

In a high-risk industry such as metals, the propensity for employee injury is high and the consequential financial impact can be significant. With workers’ compensation costs making up the majority of overall insurance spend, our metals group takes a proactive approach in helping you provide a safe environment to avoid the negative impact of employee injuries.

Our industry expertise, coupled with our consultative approach, allows us to tailor an insurance and risk management program that fits your unique needs. We’ll identify your exposures to risk, your ability to control them, and optimize the amount of risk you undertake to ensure you are transferring your risk in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Ultimately, our goal is to increase the value of your company—and by helping you find sources of capital within your insurance and risk management program, we can do just that.

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